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 -  Apr 24


Friday 25 Apr 2014


Hotel Hanzestadslogement De Leeuw Deventer


Deventer have a authentic shopping centre with great and unique shops with a lot of spaces and discount. From cloths shops to antiquities, from delicatessen business to gift shop, from a shop for the hiking to a thimble shop. The famous cookies shop of Deventer is located in Brink. Near the place Stromarkt, Brink and the big cemetery, you will find a lot of restaurants. You can eat in a diversity of country. In the centre, you will find a cinema, theatre, historic museum, toys museum, and solarium and at the other side of the IJssel a bowling centre. By the train station, there is a parking for the bicycles where you also can rent a bicycle to explore the area. In the city part of Colmschate there is a sport resort with a subtropical swimming pool, skating area, squash course, sauna, fitness and a inside gold course. Not far from Deventer, is the recreation resort Bussloo located. There you can swim, walk, jog, dive en play golf at the Golf Club “De Breuininkof”. In Diepenveen, near Deventer, lies the golf course of Sallandse Golf Club “De Hoek”.

Hotel Hanzestadslogement De Leeuw Deventer, Deventer

Nieuwstraat 25, 7411 LG, Deventer

Guest reviews for Hotel Hanzestadslogement De Leeuw Deventer

Total: 9.0 Service / staff: 10.0 Comfort: 9.0
  Location: 9.0 Value for money: 9.0
  Hygiene: 8.0    

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  • Solo travellers | Maassluis, Netherlands | 18-01-2014
    Total: 9 Service / staff: 10 Comfort: 9
    Location: 9 Value for money: 9
    Hygiene: 8    

     De eenvoud en de service/vriendelijkheid. Het is niet erg gehorig.
     's Avonds in het donker alleen door het steegje naar de achterkant van het hotel lopen.

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