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 -  Apr 21


Wednesday 22 Apr 2015


Zonheuvel Hotel en Conferentiecentrum

Zonheuvel Hotel en Conferentiecentrum, Doorn

Amersfoortseweg 98, 3941 EP, Doorn

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The main building with the hotelrooms also offers a conference room and more multi functional meeting rooms for meetings of different kinds and sizes.

In the castle-like Maarten Maartenhuis you will find numberous meetingrooms that are that are conserved in the original state.
If you wish to give some extra 'cachet' to your meeting, these rooms are the place to be!

In the stallhouse you will find 8 meetingrooms. Furthermore you will find even more smaller meetingrooms.

Should you wish to let your meeting take place on an independent location, away from the hotel or in other buildings, we advice you to make use of the Chalet, situated in the middle of the forest.

All rooms boast daylight and are standard equipped with flip-over, whiteboard and training supplies

Number of meeting rooms: 34
Smallest meeting room: 20m2
Largest meeting room: 500m2
Maximum number of guests: 500

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