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 -  Aug. 17


Sonntag 18 Aug 2019


Derlon Hotel Maastricht

Derlon Hotel Maastricht, Maastricht

Onze Lieve Vrouweplein 6, 6211 HD, Maastricht

Tagungs/Veranstaltung buchen bei Derlon Hotel Maastricht Buchen

In the renovated Piazza Romana Derlon, Maastricht’s roman history unfolds at a single glance. The basement of the hotel has been turned into a museum basement where the roman excavations have been displayed. Meetings can take place amongst these excavations. Piazza Romana is standard equipped with air-conditioning and has there are several formations and audio visuals devices available. These include a beamer for conference calling, projection screen, flip over and free wireless internet.

Anzahl der Tagungsräume: 2
Kleinster Tagungsraum: 0m2
Grösster Tagungsraum: 0m2
Maximale Personenanzahl: 100

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