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 -  Feb 06


Sunday 07 Feb 2016


Hotel Cafe Restaurant Monopole


Our parking is located at the rear side of the hotel. It is free of charge and space is limited. Our parking lots can not be reserved. Public parking is situated near the hotel and free of charge between 18h00-8h00 (except on Fridays from 21h00-08h00). Dayticket €8.50
We advise you to enter "Strandboulevard West" in your navigation/GPS system.

If you arrive later than 22h00 and the restaurant is closed, then you will find your key-card in the safety deposit box at the rear entrance. This entrance is located at our parking. Please notify our staff about your late arrival and ask for the code in order to open the safety deposit box. Please call +31 (0)341 - 412104 if you require any assistance.

Hotel Cafe Restaurant Monopole, Harderwijk

Buiten de Bruggepoort 3, 3841 CT, Harderwijk

Guest reviews for Hotel Cafe Restaurant Monopole

Total: 9.4 Service / staff: 9.5 Comfort: 9.1
  Location: 9.6 Value for money: 9.3
  Hygiene: 9.3    

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  • Families | Boek, Germany | 22-07-2015
    Total: 10 Service / staff: 10 Comfort: 10
    Location: 10 Value for money: 10
    Hygiene: 10    

     Problemlose Umbuchung in ein 3-Bett-Zimmer/Aufbettung. Klimatisiertes Zimmer. Sehr freundliches Personal.
     Nur die Toilettenbürste hat gefehlt.

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