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 -  jul. 17


Jueves 18 jul 2019


Amsterdam Canal Suites

Amsterdam Canal Suites, Amsterdam

Keizersgracht 818, 1017 EE, Amsterdam

Comentarios de huéspedes para Amsterdam Canal Suites

Total: 7.8 Servicio/Gente: 6.3 Comodidad: 8.3
  Area: 9.7 Precio / calidad: 7.7
  Higiene: 7.0    

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  • Amici | Sherbrooke, Canada | 23-08-2018
    Total: 9.6 Servicio/Gente: 10 Comodidad: 10
    Area: 10 Precio / calidad: 10
    Higiene: 8    

      We loved the apartment, great location, all we needed was in the room. We will come back :-)
      When we arrived everything was perfect but later the housekeeper did a bit too quickly cleaning up. It had a lot of dust under the beds and the shower mildew in the top of the shower. The air conditioning hose was not attached to the machine and the stove hood was not working.
  • Amici | Syracuse, Estados Unidos | 04-07-2018
    Total: 8.0 Servicio/Gente: 6 Comodidad: 9
    Area: 10 Precio / calidad: 8
    Higiene: 7    

     I needed an air conditioner and after many calls received one. That was great as I have a medical condition that makes that vital. The location and comfort of our canal suite was fabulous.
     The hotel does not have great customer service. We were told different things by various people that contradicted each other. House keeping needs to be improved like clean sheets. We asked for clean sheets several times and never got them.
  • Seniores | Chatham Township, Estados Unidos | 02-06-2018
    Total: 5.8 Servicio/Gente: 3 Comodidad: 6
    Area: 9 Precio / calidad: 6
    Higiene: 5    

     The location , the size, and it was nice to have kitchen.
     You knew of our early arrival time. It would have been nice get into the apartment a bit earlier. You should have a car service, who works for you, not a taxi, to bring us to the apartment and help us with our luggage. (the stairs were difficult ) A direct phone line to the hotel would be nice since there is no concierge for us. Also, leave some information about the neighborhood, the city , restaurants, sights nearby. The bathtub was very difficult to get in and out of because there was nothing to hold onto and it was slippery. The housekeeping was very lax and erratic. We were attacked by many mosquitos from an open window. Better lighting in the apartment would be helpful since there is no place bright enough to read. In spite of all my comments, we did have a very nice vacation and most of these issues could probably be fixed easily. Thank you.
  • Seniores | Edmonton, Canada | 22-05-2018
    Total: 9.6 Servicio/Gente: 10 Comodidad: 10
    Area: 10 Precio / calidad: 9
    Higiene: 9    

     It was comfortable, with excellent facilities, good coffee (which we drank a lot of) lovely washroom with washing machine, absolutely perfect for us. The staff were great, the boat ride was a pleasant bonus, the location was quiet. We felt like queens!
     The stairs were a challenge, which we were able to do slowly.

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