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 -  abr. 26


Viernes 27 abr 2018


Bastion Hotel Amsterdam Zuidwest

Bastion Hotel Amsterdam Zuidwest, Amsterdam

Hendrikje Stoffelstraat 60, 1058 GC, Amsterdam

Comentarios de huéspedes para Bastion Hotel Amsterdam Zuidwest

Total: 7.4 Servicio/Gente: 7.8 Comodidad: 8.3
  Area: 5.5 Precio / calidad: 7.0
  Higiene: 8.3    

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 Turistas (67%)
 Negociantes (33%)
  • Coppie | Asten, Pais-Bajos | 27-12-2014
    Total: 6.8 Servicio/Gente: 7 Comodidad: 7
    Area: 7 Precio / calidad: 6
    Higiene: 7    

     Dicht bij tram, geen last van snelweggeluid, makkelijk bereikbaar.
     Jammer van de lauwe reactie n.a.v. onze klacht dat ons navigatiesysteem van de hotelkamer was verdwenen (weliswaar na uitchecken, maar toch...).
  • Coppie | Gilbert, Estados Unidos | 02-04-2011
    Total: 6.6 Servicio/Gente: 6 Comodidad: 8
    Area: 4 Precio / calidad: 7
    Higiene: 8    

     The room was comfortable and WIFI was free.
     Staff was cordial but not very helpful with information on sights, how to get to locations or suggestions.
  • Coppie | Salford, Reino Unido | 27-06-2009
    Total: 9.0 Servicio/Gente: 10 Comodidad: 10
    Area: 7 Precio / calidad: 8
    Higiene: 10    

     Friendly staff, close to tram stop.
     Not centrally located if that is required (but with easy access to tram). It takes about 20 mins to get to the centre by tram (lines 1 and 17). The wifi signal needs substantial boosting. Wifi blocks access to anything other than browser ports (eg it does not allow direct access to a mail server, Skype etc). The visitor should not have to fill in a form with exactly the same details as those already supplied to

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