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 -  jan. 20


Dinsdag 21 jan 2020


Hotel Blyss Amsterdam


Het Vondelpark is een populaire plaats op warme zonnige dagen voor zowel de Amsterdammers als de toeristen. Het park is enkele hectare groot met fietspaden, wandelpaden, oplucht concerten, drie grote terassen en natuurlijk het Film Museum. In het park vindt je enkele meertjes met zwanen en eenden, bloementuinen, een speeltuin, een kinderboerderij en enorme grasvelden waar men kan voetballen of frisbee spelen.

Hotel van de Week

Hotel Blyss Amsterdam, Amsterdam

Vondelstraat 74-78, 1054 GN, Amsterdam

Gastbeoordelingen voor Hotel Blyss Amsterdam

Totaal: 6.3 Service / Personeel: 6.8 Comfort: 5.4
  Locatie: 8.2 Prijs/kwaliteit: 5.6
  Hygiëne: 5.6    

Dit hotel wordt bezocht door:
  Vrije tijd (92%)
  Zakelijke doeleinden (8%)
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  • Senioren | Lido di Ostia, Italie | 22-12-2019
    Totaal: 10.0 Service / Personeel: 10 Comfort: 10
    Locatie: 10 Prijs/kwaliteit: 10
    Hygiëne: 10    

     La pulizia e la cordialita
  • Reizigers alleen | Athens, Griekenland | 17-11-2019
    Totaal: 4.6 Service / Personeel: 6 Comfort: 2
    Locatie: 9 Prijs/kwaliteit: 4
    Hygiëne: 2    

  • Stellen | Paris, Frankrijk | 01-11-2019
    Totaal: 6.4 Service / Personeel: 8 Comfort: 6
    Locatie: 8 Prijs/kwaliteit: 4
    Hygiëne: 6    

     Friendly staff and staff availability
     Water leakage in the toilets, TV not working, very noisy hotel at night (hotel guests not respecting night silence), incomplete breakfast first day.
  • Families | Sankt Wendel, Duitsland | 31-10-2019
    Totaal: 1.8 Service / Personeel: 1 Comfort: 1
    Locatie: 5 Prijs/kwaliteit: 1
    Hygiëne: 1    

     Nichts.es war so grausam.das Zimmer 206 hat gestunken.der Service schlecht. Noch nicht mal duschen wollten wir da.das frühstück eklig.packungen wurden uns serviert.trockenes Brot.waren froh als wir dort weg waren
  • Vrienden | Essen, Duitsland | 27-10-2019
    Totaal: 5.8 Service / Personeel: 5 Comfort: 6
    Locatie: 9 Prijs/kwaliteit: 7
    Hygiëne: 2    

     Very good location.
     Overall cleanliness was so so (mould on the shower head, stains on the sheets), small lamps didn't work at all...
  • Reizigers alleen | Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, Frankrijk | 16-10-2019
    Totaal: 1.0 Service / Personeel: 1 Comfort: 1
    Locatie: 1 Prijs/kwaliteit: 1
    Hygiëne: 1    

     Cant say as I cancelled my reservation...
     I never stayed at your hotel.. I had to cancel on Oct 16th and send a mail. Then another one on Oct 13th. Each time receiving a read receipt... And I called on Monday Oct 14th to check the reservation was cancelled which was confirm by phone....
  • Families | Göttingen, Duitsland | 13-10-2019
    Totaal: 7.0 Service / Personeel: 7 Comfort: 6
    Locatie: 8 Prijs/kwaliteit: 7
    Hygiëne: 7    

     Not far from city center
     Tv not working, fridge not working, both could not be fixed during our stay. staff was trying, though. reception was not occupied once for 15 min (around 1 p.m.)
  • Reizigers alleen | Southampton, Verenigd Koninkrijk | 17-09-2019
    Totaal: 7.2 Service / Personeel: 8 Comfort: 7
    Locatie: 7 Prijs/kwaliteit: 7
    Hygiëne: 7    

     My single room offered what I needed for my stay. The lounge and garden were good additions to relax in. Reasonable amount of amenities around the hotel. Staff friendly.
     A few snags need attending to and these would make the room (24) feel more polished and tidy - scuffed walls need painting, handle coming off bathroom door (just needs screwing in) curtain come off a hook leaving a gap at the top.
  • Reizigers alleen | Boston, Verenigde Staten | 17-09-2019
    Totaal: 10.0 Service / Personeel: 10 Comfort: 10
    Locatie: 10 Prijs/kwaliteit: 10
    Hygiëne: 10    

     The hotel is in a great area! It is down the block from the museums and only a 15/20 min walk to the center of the city.
  • Reizigers alleen | Green Cove Springs, Verenigde Staten | 16-08-2019
    Totaal: 5.4 Service / Personeel: 7 Comfort: 4
    Locatie: 7 Prijs/kwaliteit: 6
    Hygiëne: 3    

     Nice staff
     Bed bugs. I have 11 bites on my back. The carpet was very worn. The walls were very dirty. The small fan was old and insufficient. Spend a few euros and by a decent fan. Paint the walls and redo carpets.
  • Families | Salz, Duitsland | 15-08-2019
    Totaal: 7.8 Service / Personeel: 7 Comfort: 5
    Locatie: 10 Prijs/kwaliteit: 9
    Hygiëne: 8    

     Die alten Fenster und das sie nicht aufgingen und undicht waren
  • Reizigers alleen | Meppel, Nederland | 06-08-2019
    Totaal: 8.0 Service / Personeel: 9 Comfort: 7
    Locatie: 9 Prijs/kwaliteit: 8
    Hygiëne: 7    

     Locatie; personeel; fietsverhuur
     Kosten ontbijt.
  • Senioren | Amsterdam, Verenigd Koninkrijk | 31-07-2019
    Totaal: 9.6 Service / Personeel: 8 Comfort: 10
    Locatie: 10 Prijs/kwaliteit: 10
    Hygiëne: 10    

     Small but clean single room in basement with comfi bed and quiet at night. Bit warm at night because you cannot leave the two windows open as they are at pavement level; still I slept well. Breakfast was included in the price which was ok for the price paid.
     No signal on TV which I reported once but was not fixed.
  • Reizigers alleen | SAO PAULO, Brazil | 29-07-2019
    Totaal: 7.4 Service / Personeel: 8 Comfort: 5
    Locatie: 9 Prijs/kwaliteit: 7
    Hygiëne: 8    

     Room was very hot and window opens to the street (not safe to be left opened)
  • Families | Ettlingen, Duitsland | 29-05-2019
    Totaal: 6.0 Service / Personeel: 7 Comfort: 5
    Locatie: 8 Prijs/kwaliteit: 4
    Hygiëne: 6    

     Our room had obviousely been painted - the adhesive tapes were still on the cupboard- this didn´t do anything to imrpove the look of this really cheap piece of furniture. Still more tape was on the tv-receiver. Housekeeping didn´t bother to remove the tape while our 3 day stay! More remarkable features: On numerous places the floorboards drifted apart. In the chair was a big hole made by a cigarette. One window couldn´t be opened,a strange spot decorated the wallpaper, the furniture in the bathroom was really worn, breakfast was unloving. Best thing:Our room looked towards the very silent backyard. We didn't change hotel, because my daughter had booked the Blyss and I didn't want to embarass her.
  • Reizigers alleen | Honolulu, Verenigde Staten | 25-05-2019
    Totaal: 4.2 Service / Personeel: 1 Comfort: 5
    Locatie: 8 Prijs/kwaliteit: 2
    Hygiëne: 5    

     I have stayed at this hotel before and been satisfied… But difficulty getting my first booking canceled and getting confirmation of that cancellation was very upsetting
      I had to cancel my reservations about a week after I had made it… Several weeks before the actual visit date… The hotel was slow to confirm my cancellation… A week before the previously booked date I received a “see you soon “message… Again I sent them a reminder that I had canceled… If I find a charge from them when I get home I will be very upset and protest vigorously… I stayed there once before but never again… I needed to change dates and they made my planning very difficult…
  • Families | Birmingham, Verenigde Staten | 25-05-2019
    Totaal: 8.8 Service / Personeel: 10 Comfort: 8
    Locatie: 9 Prijs/kwaliteit: 10
    Hygiëne: 7    

     The staff were friendly helpful and professional
     The stairs layout
  • Stellen | Castiglione della Pescaia, Italie | 23-05-2019
    Totaal: 7.4 Service / Personeel: 6 Comfort: 7
    Locatie: 10 Prijs/kwaliteit: 7
    Hygiëne: 7    

  • Vrienden | Untersiggenthal, Zwitserland | 01-05-2019
    Totaal: 2.4 Service / Personeel: 2 Comfort: 1
    Locatie: 7 Prijs/kwaliteit: 1
    Hygiëne: 1    

     It‘s disgusting, the rooms are dirty, bathroom is a mess! Rooms are really small and u have nothing as garbage in it! it is loud because of the bad shape of the house... i‘ll never go back to this „hotel“ again!
  • Reizigers alleen | Vicenza, Italie | 29-04-2019
    Totaal: 6.4 Service / Personeel: 8 Comfort: 5
    Locatie: 7 Prijs/kwaliteit: 6
    Hygiëne: 6    

     Quite central, close to tram.
     Dark room with old wall lamps and really poor lighting. Electrical wiring looks really old.
  • Senioren | Buenos aires, Argentina | 27-04-2019
    Totaal: 2.4 Service / Personeel: 8 Comfort: 1
    Locatie: 1 Prijs/kwaliteit: 1
    Hygiëne: 1    

     Me gusto la amabilidad de la recepcionista y que pudo solucionarme un problema con el cable de carga de mi telefono
     No me gusto, la hab itacion , muy chica , incomoda , el agua caliente salio un chorro y despues salia poco, los ruidos de las habitaciones contiguas y los ruidos de las pisadas de noche , era terrorifico, encima en una habitacion de al lado habia gente que quedo afuera de la habitacion e hizo ruidos molestos golpraron las puerta y fumaron y se activo la alarma , poco pude descansar
  • Groepen | Köln, Duitsland | 24-04-2019
    Totaal: 5.6 Service / Personeel: 9 Comfort: 3
    Locatie: 9 Prijs/kwaliteit: 1
    Hygiëne: 6    

     It's only redeeming quality is that it is kinda near a train station.
     Too expensive for so little quality. The lift smells like a public bathroom, I could easily hear my neighbors moving around, the facilities are deteriorating quickly, there was a stain of blood on my pillow, the matresses are sub-par, the bathroom looks like a hostal's, with extra thin toilet paper and half-broken showerhead, the breakfast is overpriced for its low quality, the internet is inconvenient to log into. The hotel barely deserves two stars. It seems I was lucky. Other reviewers have had worse experiences.
  • Stellen | Bratislava, Slovakia | 20-04-2019
    Totaal: 8.4 Service / Personeel: 8 Comfort: 8
    Locatie: 9 Prijs/kwaliteit: 8
    Hygiëne: 9    

  • Vrienden | Cheshunt, Verenigd Koninkrijk | 15-04-2019
    Totaal: 10.0 Service / Personeel: 10 Comfort: 10
    Locatie: 10 Prijs/kwaliteit: 10
    Hygiëne: 10    

     Friendly people and layed back
  • Jongeren | Wörthsee, Duitsland | 06-04-2019
    Totaal: 4.6 Service / Personeel: 8 Comfort: 2
    Locatie: 5 Prijs/kwaliteit: 5
    Hygiëne: 3    

     The Service staff is extremely friendly and helpfull the Location of the Hotel is great good communication before arrival
     Unfortunately the interior is quite run-down and needs a thorough renovation
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