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 -  dic. 07


Domingo 08 dic 2019


Hotel Arlon

Hotel Arlon, Arlon

E411-E25 Luxembourg-Brussel 0, B - 6780, Arlon

Reservar una sala de reunion en Hotel Arlon Reservar

The hotel has two meeting rooms:
"Luxembourg meeting room" can accommodate up to 40 people for business meetings, parties and communions.

"Relais des Ardennes meeting room" can accommodate corporate parties, receptions, weddings and evening events. This large room, unique in the region offers no less than 350 seats.
We will establish together the best suited to your needs and your budget.

Our restaurant "La Route du Soleil" offers democratic and flexible formulas as well as professional support for the organization of any event.
Free High-speed Wi-Fi in all our meeting rooms

Nombre de sala: 2
Sala de reunión mas pequeña: 40m2
Sala de reuniones mas grande: 350m2
Número máximo de huéspedes: 390

Salas de reunión Total m2 Tamaño de la habitación Sala de clases Teatro Sala de reuniones Forma U Carré Banquete Réception
Luxembourg Zaal 60 13x7 42 72 30 32 30 0 50 Foto
Relais des Ardennes 400 18.5x30.6 250 400 0 0 0 250 500 Foto
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