Frequently Asked Questions

How do the prices shown come about?
The prices shown are based on the lowest price per night for the cheapest room type that a hotel offers, during the selected period. Surcharges like tourist tax may apply, this varies per region. The discount is based on the highest discount a hotel offers for today.
Is the hotel available for the selected period?
Yes, only available hotels are shown. If you search for a specific hotel name, it will also be displayed if there is no availability. It will then display ‘Not available’ instead of the price.
How can I book?
You can book by clicking on the website link of the hotel. You will then be redirected to the hotel's own website and can then book directly with the hotel itself. By booking directly with the hotel, there is no intermediary that charges high commission costs. The hotels that offer a discount share this cost saving with you!
When do I get the discount?
The discount is calculated on the hotel's website and applies in relation to the standard prices of a hotel. Participating hotels have assured us that the discount will be included in the price. If you have any questions about this, or if you do not see the discount, please contact us.
How can I participate in as a hotel? has been in business for over 15 years, helping hotels generate commission-free and direct bookings. In addition to the Direct Booking Portal you are currently on, also builds websites and booking engines for hotels. The complete e-commerce portfolio that offers can be found here:
More questions?
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