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 -  Oct 23


Thursday 24 Oct 2019


Hotel Piet Hein


A cold beer or a fine glass of wine to finish the day. Perhaps an exciting cocktail while overlooking the famous Vondelpark. Our bartender will be happy to serve you in our fashionably furnished and relaxing lounge bar.

Hotel Piet Hein, Amsterdam

Vossiusstraat 52-53, 1071 AK, Amsterdam

Guest reviews for Hotel Piet Hein

Total: 8.0 Service / staff: 8.2 Comfort: 7.6
  Location: 8.9 Value for money: 7.4
  Hygiene: 7.8    

This hotel is visited by:
  Leisure (87%)
  Business (13%)
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  • Solo travellers | Murrieta, United States | 28-09-2019
    Total: 7.0 Service / staff: 8 Comfort: 7
    Location: 10 Value for money: 5
    Hygiene: 5    

     House keeping could be improved. Never enough towels or bath mats.
  • Couples | Perth, Australia | 27-09-2019
    Total: 8.0 Service / staff: 8 Comfort: 8
    Location: 8 Value for money: 8
    Hygiene: 8    

     Good location, nice comfy rooms and friendly service.
  • Families | Istanbul, Turkey | 15-09-2019
    Total: 6.4 Service / staff: 6 Comfort: 5
    Location: 10 Value for money: 5
    Hygiene: 6    

     Hygiene, waking up with smoke alarm at the middle of the night
  • Couples | Nipomo, United States | 14-09-2019
    Total: 4.0 Service / staff: 7 Comfort: 1
    Location: 10 Value for money: 1
    Hygiene: 1    

     Noisily, bad room, argumentative staff, dishonest cleaning crew that stole items, we confronted them and they lied in our faces, horribly filthy conditions throughout.
  • Solo travellers | Issy-les-Moulineaux, France | 13-09-2019
    Total: 8.2 Service / staff: 8 Comfort: 8
    Location: 9 Value for money: 8
    Hygiene: 8    

     Emplacement +++, calme pour les chambres sur cour
  • Solo travellers | Aalst, Belgium | 06-09-2019
    Total: 7.0 Service / staff: 8 Comfort: 6
    Location: 7 Value for money: 6
    Hygiene: 8    

     Vriendelijk personeel , ontbijt was lekker en proper.
     Zeer kleine kamers waar je niet rond u bed kan gaan , bed staat tussen 3 muren gezet. Je partner moet kruipen om aan zijn kant te geraken. Mss wel goed voor jonge mensen maar niet voor mensen op wat jaren ouder. Er is voor ons wel een regeling gedaan. Dat was super dan.
  • Couples | Helsinki, Finland | 04-09-2019
    Total: 7.4 Service / staff: 6 Comfort: 8
    Location: 9 Value for money: 7
    Hygiene: 7    

     Location was really nice as well as better (bigger) rooms. Breakfast was good, and staff at restaurant really friendly.
     I had a feeling that hotel staff weren´t really interested of customers. Usually when we came to the receptions no one said anything - i think good morning and other greetings would be nice to hear at the hotel. Room was little dusty and not that high quality as I expected.
  • Solo travellers | Zürich, Switzerland | 04-09-2019
    Total: 8.4 Service / staff: 8 Comfort: 7
    Location: 10 Value for money: 8
    Hygiene: 9    

     Die Lage ist sehr günstig (Vondelpark, Wohnung meiner Amsterdamer Freunde). Auch finde ich das Personal im Frühstücksraum immer besonders freundlich.
     Manche Zimmer sind zu klein. Ich war im September 2 x bei Ihnen, das erste Mal hatte ich ein Einzelzimmer (Nr. 344), das völlig o.k. war. Das 2. Mal hatte ich Zimmer Nr. 136. Das Bett war wunderbar, aber ansonsten ist das Zimmer viel zu klein, man kann nicht einmal einen Koffer deponieren (wie macht man das zu zweit???). Ferner störte mich, dass es im Badzimmer keinen einzigen Haken gab um Tücher aufzuhängen. Aus diesem Grund bewerte ich den Komfort nur mit 7.
  • Solo travellers | Paris, France | 03-09-2019
    Total: 5.8 Service / staff: 6 Comfort: 6
    Location: 8 Value for money: 4
    Hygiene: 5    

     Sa position par rapport aux transports, le calme de la rue
     Sa propreté (exemple un savon entamé présent dans la chambre, des verres non nettoyés), manque de miroir de plein pied dans la chambre, taille des chambres quand on ne prend pas la catégorie supérieure, bruit à certains étages...
  • Friends | Antwerpen, Belgium | 31-08-2019
    Total: 7.6 Service / staff: 9 Comfort: 7
    Location: 8 Value for money: 5
    Hygiene: 9    

     Super friendly staff. The location was great
     The room was suuuuper small. Not what we expected.
  • Friends | Washington, United States | 31-08-2019
    Total: 2.8 Service / staff: 3 Comfort: 1
    Location: 8 Value for money: 1
    Hygiene: 1    

     I was put into a dirty room. The sheets had crumbs and hair in them. They moved me to a second room and it was worse. The sheets had hair. The ceiling was falling in and the shower flooded the bathroom.
  • Solo travellers | Mannheim, Germany | 28-08-2019
    Total: 9.0 Service / staff: 10 Comfort: 8
    Location: 10 Value for money: 8
    Hygiene: 9    

  • Couples | Assen, Netherlands | 13-08-2019
    Total: 9.0 Service / staff: 8 Comfort: 10
    Location: 8 Value for money: 10
    Hygiene: 9    

     Mooie en schone kamers, fijne bedden en vriendelijk personeel.
  • Families | Düsseldorf, Germany | 13-08-2019
    Total: 9.2 Service / staff: 10 Comfort: 9
    Location: 10 Value for money: 9
    Hygiene: 8    

     Das Personal ist sehr freundlich und zuvorkommend! Man fühlt sich sehr willkommen. Die Damen vom Frühstücksservice sind besonders nett!!!
     Das Zimmer war im Souterrain. Man kann das Fenster nicht geöffnet lassen, weil dann jeder in das Zimmer kommen kann. Es war auch ein bisschen klein, was nicht schlimm ist, wenn man nur ein oder zwei Nächte hat.
  • Couples | Victoria, Canada | 04-08-2019
    Total: 4.8 Service / staff: 2 Comfort: 5
    Location: 8 Value for money: 4
    Hygiene: 5    

     The location
     The pictures did not match reality. Staff ignored me at check in for quite some time and when I asked if I was in the right place was told they were busy and would get to me when they were free. As the two staff members were talking to each other and laughing without even saying hi and the only other guest there was doing paperwork it did not seem like they were truly busy. The shower was horrible. The black curtain had a crusty white stain on it and there was no way to shower without getting water all over the bathroom floor as the curtain was useless and the floor seemed to slope that way. The room was also very dark even with all the lights on and curtains opened and it was barely large enough to hold the bed and our two suitcases. It was overpriced and I've stayed in hostels that were much nicer and cleaner.
  • Friends | Halsteren, Netherlands | 04-08-2019
    Total: 6.2 Service / staff: 3 Comfort: 7
    Location: 10 Value for money: 7
    Hygiene: 4    

     De ligging en de achtertuin
     Rommelige check-in, personeel is vooral met elkaar bezig ipv met de gasten. Ook bij avond terugkomst in hotel, receptie personeel zegt niet eens goedenavond of weltrusten. Tevens bij vertrek uit hotel zegt er niemand was u tevreden, bedankt of tot de volgende keer. Personeel is ongeïnteresseerd van balie tot de schoonmaaksters. Deze laatste zitten op de trap te videobellen, dit diverse malen gezien. Erg onprofessioneel... Een van de avonden wilden we wat van de bar gebruiken, duurt eeuwig voordat er iemand komt en dan wil je bij een zomeravond lekker in de tuin gaan zitten en mag dat niet want die sluit om elf uur ??. Bestelling drank gaat ook fout. Plafonds van 2 van de 3 kamers zaten vol met schimmels. In de achtertuin is het verwaarloosd, plantenbakken met geheel uitgedroogde planten en lege bakken. Al met al een enorme achteruitgang van het hotel. Was de 3e keer dat we hier waren maar denk niet dat er een 4e keer gaat komen.
  • Couples | Paris, France | 02-08-2019
    Total: 8.8 Service / staff: 9 Comfort: 9
    Location: 10 Value for money: 8
    Hygiene: 8    

     Très bon emplacement. Joli décoration. Chambre confortable sans bruits dérangeants. Toujours quelqu'un à l'accueil de poli et agréable.
     Quelques éléments défectueux dans la chambre ou peu pratiques (porte savon dans la douche, rideau de douche trop petit, porte serviette au dessus des toilettes...).
  • Couples | Newport, United States | 02-08-2019
    Total: 4.6 Service / staff: 2 Comfort: 3
    Location: 8 Value for money: 5
    Hygiene: 5    

     Good location
     Most but not all of the front desk staff were indifferent to us and coffee in our room because you had run out!!!!
  • Couples | Nijmegen, Netherlands | 31-07-2019
    Total: 6.6 Service / staff: 8 Comfort: 7
    Location: 7 Value for money: 4
    Hygiene: 7    

     Mooie slaapkamer
     Kleine slaapkamer, oude lift, geen douche gordijn, blauw lampje in slaapkamer
  • Couples | Cannes, France | 31-07-2019
    Total: 5.2 Service / staff: 5 Comfort: 4
    Location: 6 Value for money: 5
    Hygiene: 6    

  • Senior citizens | Washington, United States | 27-07-2019
    Total: 3.8 Service / staff: 1 Comfort: 1
    Location: 10 Value for money: 6
    Hygiene: 1    

     Faulty air conditioning after it reached set trmpatufe it turned off and had to be manually set. The loud noise singing and generalhorse play of other guests in the lobby area from 10:30 pm to well after 2 am could not be controlled by front desk person who was right ther and as a consequence on my 2 nights I could not have a restful night sleep assistant manager responsed that not hotel,s fault as beyound hotel control. Most unsatisfactory and unprofessional from assistant manager
  • Families | Montclair, New Jersey, United States | 27-07-2019
    Total: 1.8 Service / staff: 1 Comfort: 1
    Location: 5 Value for money: 1
    Hygiene: 1    

     Not much
     Yes there were many less positive things about the hotel. too many to list here.
  • Couples | Drachten, Netherlands | 26-07-2019
    Total: 8.2 Service / staff: 9 Comfort: 8
    Location: 9 Value for money: 8
    Hygiene: 7    

     Aardige receptie personeel.
  • Friends | Warszawa, Poland | 25-07-2019
    Total: 8.6 Service / staff: 9 Comfort: 7
    Location: 10 Value for money: 8
    Hygiene: 9    

     Very good breakfast, very good location, very comfortable bed, very nice garden.
     Yes, unfortunatelly the air condtion didn't work and hotel didn't offer any discounts...Finally I received 2 breakfast for free :-) but after a short discussion about this. In such cases the hotel should offer some discounts immediately or find another solutions... The second thing : the economy room was really very small and doesn't look like in the picture, it was too dark - the lighting in the room was dark.
  • Friends | Temse, Belgium | 22-07-2019
    Total: 9.2 Service / staff: 10 Comfort: 9
    Location: 9 Value for money: 9
    Hygiene: 9    

     Leuk. gezellig. rustig.
     Verluchting snachts beetje storend voor lichte slaper
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